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In 2020, she rose to fame after releasing “L-Gante Rkt” in collaboration with Papu DJ, which has over 250 million plays on YouTube and reached the top of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100.[4] She chose her stage name L-Gante because her mother Claudia Valenzuela used to call her “L-Gante” ironically.

Valenzuela chose his stage name L-Gante, as his mother Claudia Valenzuela used to tell him ironically “¡Qué elegancia, qué elegante!”, as he used to wear shorts, socks and slippers when he woke up and went to record as he was dressed.[9] Then, Elian decided to stylize the word elegante as L-Gante to use it as his stage name.[10] In April, he released the remix of his new album L-Gante.[11] In April, he released the remix of his new album L-Gante.

In April, he released the remix of the song “Pistola”, together with the cumbia villera band Damas Gratis.[18] Also that same day, together with the same cumbia band, he released the song “Perrito Malvado”, both songs were a hit, reaching position 2 and 6 respectively on Billboard’s Argentina Hot 100. In May, the singer released a new single, titled “Visionario”.[19] In May he joined Fidel Nadal in the release of “Internacional Love 420”.[20] During this month, L-Gante was named artist of the month by Argentina Hot 100, being chosen as the cover of the print and digital magazine.[21] In May, L-Gante was named artist of the month by Argentina Hot 100, being chosen as the cover of the print and digital magazine.[22] L-Gante was also named artist of the month by Argentina Hot 100.

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El estado del mundo puede resultar agotador, exasperante y desalentador. Es suficiente para frustrar incluso al ser humano más paciente y dedicado. ¿Cómo podemos influir en el cambio que deseamos ver en nuestros propios rincones del mundo?

Tal vez te cueste encontrar un terreno común con personas diferentes a ti o con las que no coincides. O tal vez te gustaría tener un lugar donde poder respirar y conectarte con personas de ideas afines que buscan construir una sociedad mejor, una conversación consciente a la vez.


Citizen Discourse y Charter for Compassion se han unido para lanzar una nueva empresa que llamamos Conversation Collective. Ofrecemos dos sesiones de conversación semanales que nos ayudan a desarrollar nuestras habilidades de Inteligencia Emocional y, como mínimo, a ser mejores oyentes.

-Sé vulnerable y revela más tu verdad-Ve a los demás y sé visto-Oye a los demás y sé escuchado-Pide lo que quieres-Practica la escucha compasiva y la curiosidad genuina-Desarrolla poderosas habilidades de Relación Auténtica

“Siento libertad y un espacio seguro para permitir que se desarrolle lo que está vivo””Fue tan rico… Me sentí atendido. Me sentí tan llena””Me di cuenta de que la reflexión es una parte tan importante de la conexión””Me sentí muy segura de que tenía el control de la conversación””Es una forma divertida de obtener claves para entenderme mejor””Me sentí muy segura porque podía pedir el tipo de respuesta que necesitaba””Expresar mis necesidades y honrar a los demás es una herramienta tan valiosa”

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Let’s take a hypothetical situation again. You want to paint a wall in your home to serve as an accent. Now, you simply don’t rush to Home Depot and start looking at every paint sample available, do you?

Once you have everything in place and are satisfied with your setup and the result, it’s time to process the video and export it to your computer storage. To do this, click the “Export” option and then, from the pop-up window that appears, opt for the file format you want, then click “OK” to start exporting your video.

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If you go to the Artequin Museum you will see it full of color, offerings, skulls and papel picado flags. That’s because its new exhibition is dedicated to the Day of the Dead, the traditional and popular Mexican celebration that honors those who have passed away.

But now you will surely smile to know that Paris Parade is confirmed to return to celebrate its tenth anniversary and will be held from November 25 to 28, 2021, in the run-up to Christmas.

To beat the heat and treat yourself, we put together this guide to the best ice cream parlors in Santiago, those that stand out for their artisanal production and the quality of their raw materials, which will make both adults and children happy.

And just like in her sister restaurant, she makes everything herself, using seasonal ingredients and a base of imported raw materials, in the Italian style. The secret of ice creams that are already among the best in Santiago.

Cerro Calán is known because since 1954 the National Astronomical Observatory, which belongs to the University of Chile, has been located there, as well as the 52 hectares of this island hill in Las Condes.

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