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In the end it seems that Bankia customers who have become CaixaBank customers after the merger carried out in March, will be able, for the most part, to benefit from better commercial conditions, or at least this is what the bank indicated in a statement.

CaixaBank said Thursday that 13.6 million of its customers, or three out of four, will be exempt from paying commissions for the most common financial operations and services once the technological integration with Bankia takes place on November 12.

With the ‘Día a Día’ program, the linked customer will have free of charge «maintenance and administration of current accounts in euros, all standard transfers, issue and maintenance of standard credit cards and ‘MyCard’ cards, use of CaixaBankNow, the bank’s internet banking service, and the entire CaixaBank ATM network, and negotiation and clearing of checks,» the bank explains.

This program aims to «group the most common banking services for individuals (account, card, transfers, bills, ATMs, online banking, etc.) in a single ‘all-inclusive’ package». It is free of charge for linked customers «both for the account holder and for individuals

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One of the changes is that the debit card will no longer be free, for all customers without exception, also for those who meet the linkage requirements requested by CaixaBank, as CincoDías published last August 31. Instead, they will be entitled to a credit card, although with features similar to those of a debit card. A few days after that communication, former Bankia users have received another one explaining the changes in the conditions of the accounts, which will come into force on November 12.

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La Caixa opens a wide range of accounts for individuals, in addition to its own accounts for companies. The Family Now account and the current account are some of the most attractive. If you want to know more, discover here the benefits, commissions and profitability of each one of them.

La Caixa bank accounts are open to all types of customers. The different modalities are perfectly adapted to a family with children, to an adult person who wants to manage his pension plan or to the owner of an SME.

Imagin Bank, the mobile bank of La Caixa, has the Imagin account available, with no administration or maintenance fees and no minimum balance required. It is aimed at young people who want to save or receive their first paychecks. In addition to these advantages:

To open your account with Imagin Bank, you will not have to go to any branch of La Caixa, just download the Imagin Bank application or call the bank’s customer service telephone number: 911 110 000.