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Accessing the BBVA app or directly to the customer area from the web is simple. The first step is to become a customer, contracting the account online through the web or from the bank’s app. If you opt for the first option, here are the instructions you need to bear in mind:

BBVA Online seeks to unify products. The result has been its financial integrator, available on the web and in the app; a service with which you can see all the products you have contracted not only in BBVA but also in other entities. Accounts, cards, pension plans, deposits, securities, etc. can be added.

In the case of funds, to facilitate the choice, filters are enabled according to type, category and risk level, as well as visual files with information on investment policy, profitability and commissions, among other information of interest.

At the time of contracting or implementing any change in the financial product, BBVA enables the electronic signature from the web or from the app. To enable it, you have to enter the customer area or the BBVA app, enter the passwords and sign at the same time.

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Los servicios de banca por Internet han obtenido excelentes calificaciones en las evaluaciones realizadas por terceros independientes, como AQ Metrix (situándose en todas las categorías entre las tres primeras posiciones) y Global

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reconocimientos en América Latina de Mejor banco por Internet para particulares, Mejor banco transaccional por Internet para grandes empresas e instituciones, Mejor banco por Internet para particulares en Colombia y Venezuela y Mejor banco por

Los servicios de banca por Internet de BBVA han obtenido excelentes calificaciones por parte de empresas independientes que evalúan este tipo de productos, como AQ Metrix (entre los tres primeros puestos en todas las categorías) y Global

Mejor Banco por Internet para Clientes Privados en América Latina, Mejor Banco de Transacciones por Internet para Clientes Corporativos e Institucionales, Mejor Banco por Internet para Clientes Privados en Colombia y Venezuela, y Mejor Banco por Internet para Empresas

(incluidos los despachos profesionales, los autónomos, el comercio minorista y la agricultura). También es responsable de la financiación al consumo proporcionada por Finanzia y Uno-e. El área contiene la unidad de gestión de activos y banca privada, que incluye la banca privada internacional (anteriormente reportada en el área de América), la unidad de seguros europea y BBVA Portugal.

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We continued to provide an essential service and support our customers when they needed it most, thanks to our digital and remote management capabilities. We have eased the financial burden on families and businesses, with moratoriums, payment flexibilization worth 38 billion euros and active participation in government aid programs with financing worth 25 billion euros. With all this, we have helped 3 million customers to overcome this crisis, preserve employment and thus contribute to the recovery.

I am very proud of the Bank’s response, of the great work of all the teams to make this possible, in line with our Purpose: to make the opportunities of this new era available to all.

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The pandemic we are experiencing has accelerated the trends on which our strategy is based, such as digitalization. Our pioneering commitment has paid off and has given us an advantage over our competitors, enabling us to better serve our customers, even in a context as complex as the current one, and operating largely remotely. More than 34 million clients operate with us via mobile, representing 59% of the total, and in 2020, almost two-thirds of the Group’s sales were made through digital channels. login

I love the app because I can manage everything from my cell phone. I was pleasantly surprised by the “day to day” section where expenses are predicted and organized. I would like to be able to manually put expenses in each category, for example, a cash withdrawal for travel or whatever. Keep it up .

Dear Customer: We are pleased to hear your feedback on the APP. Please note that we have taken note of your suggestion so that it can be taken into account in future improvements. Thank you very much. Best regards.

The developer, BBVA, has indicated that the privacy practices of the app may include the data management described below. For more information, please see the developer’s privacy policy.

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