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Has the approach to the performance been changed? Yes, in Holland it will be done in a big way, with time to rehearse, tweaks? The song was already backed up before we knew that the festival was going to take place, and nothing was changed. I’m happy to be able to sing live, what will the staging be like? It’s being finalized, and it will have to do with the lighting, with the cameras and all the other details of the live show… Eurovision is the biggest festival of all time, but it’s also a TV show.

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This song, signed by Cantó himself together with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’ and Dan Hammond, is an emotional and modern ballad that retains influences of great classic ballads and in which Blas plays with all his vocal registers to pay tribute to his grandmother, who died a few months ago by coronavirus.

Now, already in Rotterdam, the singer himself and his team have shown in rehearsals how will be the scenography they have prepared to surprise the other countries and achieve the first place in the Eurovision 2021, a title that in our country has only been achieved to date Massiel (1968) and Salome (1969).

let’s waltz

Cantó has promised an exciting staging, which will include some significant changes in the final version of the song and with which he will pay tribute to a very important person in his life. This he said during the farewell to the press that took place in Madrid and attended by Chic, before heading to the Dutch city where the European competition will take place.


With it, he intends to pay tribute to the most important person in his life: his grandmother, who died of coronavirus last December. The song is composed by the artist himself together with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega Dangelo and Dan Hammond and he defines it as a “powerful ballad” with which he intends to convey sensitivity and strength: “My intention is to create magic on stage and it will be something dedicated to the love of my life, my grandmother”.


After the semifinals on Tuesday and Thursday, the 26 countries that will participate in the grand final of the LXV Eurovision Song Contest, to be held this Saturday, May 22 on the stage of the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, are already known.

The gala will be opened by Cyprus and closed by San Marino. The favorites France and Italy will perform in positions 20 and 24, and Switzerland and Bulgaria, the other two songs along with the French that have been heard in Rocio, tell the truth to stay alive, will perform in positions 11 and 17.

After Blas Cantó we will see a moon that begins to grow and gain strength, an eclipse that will illuminate the scene through a physical element, 7 meters in diameter, on the stage of the Ahoy Arena with mapping projections of different textures.

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