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The vice president of the Provincial Council of Valladolid, Víctor Alonso, and the president of the CEOE Valladolid, Ángela de Miguel have participated today in a working day framed in the projects that both institutions have developed jointly in 2021, with the aim of boosting economic growth and employment in the municipalities of the province.

Action Aventura, Paintball and the City Council of Trigueros del Valle have been raised this Wednesday with the Tourism Awards Province of Valladolid, in its first edition and which aim to recognize the merits of the tourism sector in its contribution to the promotion and positioning of the provincial territory as a tourist destination.

The president of the Popular Municipal Group in the City Council of Valladolid, Pilar del Olmo, said Wednesday that the formation he leads has not managed well the «apologies» after the ‘retweet’ by his official account of a message that encouraged to take the Consistory of the city and «end» with the socialist mayor, Óscar Puente, while ensuring that no «measures» will be taken with the head of communication, who has made «a mistake».


The co-director of education of the Berlin Wall Memorial, Katrin Passens, and the professor of Contemporary History at the University of León (ULE), Javier Rodríguez, will participate in the talk ‘(Dis)historical memory’.

The union demands the Board that the increase in remuneration benefits all Sacyl workers in a global negotiation to understand that the current situation is another «obstacle» to fill vacancies in health centers and clinics.

«We not only carry the voice, but we carry the strength, the power and the representation to achieve everything they need,» said the president of Castilla y León in an interview on the program ‘El Cascabel’ on Trece TV channel. In another intervention in La Cope, he also affirmed that «it is not necessary to bring forward the regional elections».

Villafranca del Bierzo hosted the third edition of the honey contest of the province of León organized by the Asociación Leonesa de Apicultores with the collaboration of the Apícola del Bierzo cooperative society.

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The RPT of 2018, which is currently in force, will be published in the open data portal of the Community of Castile and Leon, in the open data portal of the Community of Castilla y León.

will publish in the open data portal the RPT of 2018, which is the one that is currently in force. And it is with it with which the competitions for transfers of civil servants provided for in these

The RPT will be used to carry out the competitions for transfers of civil servants provided for in these staff in accordance with Clause 4 (Principle of non-discrimination) of the Annex to Council Directive 1999/70/EC of 28 June 1999 concerning the Framework Agreement of the ETUC, UNICE and UNICE on the application of the principle of non-discrimination in the field of employment and occupation of civil servants.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bolzano, northern Italy, has opened an investigation into the so-called «corona-fests», a practice that has become fashionable, especially among young people, to get infected with the coronavirus with the intention of overcoming the disease and being able to obtain the health certificate.

The situation has led the regional governors to request an urgent meeting with the Government to study the adoption of new restrictions, and among them there is a predominance of those in favor of these limitations affecting only those who have not been vaccinated or who do not have the health certificate.

All support to the Metal workers in Cadiz. Their demands are very just. The employers must abandon their irresponsibility and the Government must overturn the labor reform to strengthen collective bargaining. The opposite of sending tanks.- Enrique Santiago (@EnriqueSantiago) November 22, 2021

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Julio Borba, has commented that young people more than the future are «the reality» and, therefore, the authorities in office must «guarantee their health and education». In addition, the minister asked the young people to complete the vaccination schedule and to ask their relatives to do the same in order to avoid serious forms of the disease.