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And it is not only the vocalist and composer who is enjoying his new creation, but his followers on social networks are already chomping at the bit at the bit to enjoy a new song and who knows if a new album.

It is not the first song we hear from the artist in this 2021. Just a few days ago he released Llueve sobre mojado, his spectacular collaboration with Álvaro de Luna and Aitana. A song with a lot of rhythm like the one he has just presented on social networks.

Precisely TikTok was also the place where earlier this month we could hear a fragment of a beautiful piano ballad that he shared with his followers asking for help from all of them to help him decide the theme: «What do you want this song to talk about? I read to you.

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«Nobody will understand us, it’s a matter of loving». The song itself says it, and it is all about love and love a person so much to feel and feel. The artist and musical couple has interpreted the message of what it is to love in the same song.

Fate or chance, but let it happen. Nothing better than remembering how it all began, how love arises through destiny, through chance or through desire. The nice thing is to see how love between two people from nothing is cooking.

The feeling of wanting to be with a person all the time, to travel to the future, to another life, just by imagining your life with her. There is nothing like finding the person who makes us happy. That’s why, when you have found her, don’t miss the opportunity to remind her every day that… There is no one else.

The butterfly is like love, at the beginning in one form, but with time, it grows until it blossoms to give the best fruits, the best wings. But butterflies are also the feeling of nerves, illusion, joy and desire that makes us see the person we love, or that we are beginning to love. What a beautiful song! «May there not be a single inch left on our skin without a dose of love».

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El segundo disco de Alborán, Tanto (2012), dio lugar a los singles número uno «Quién» y «El Beso». Recibió un premio Grammy Latino como Álbum del Año. Su tercer álbum de estudio, Terral (2014), dio lugar a los sencillos «Por Fin» y «Pasos de Cero», que ocuparon los primeros puestos de las listas de éxitos, y recibió una nominación al premio Grammy al mejor álbum de pop latino. Alborán se embarcó en una gran gira de conciertos con Terral, que visitó Europa, Norte y Sudamérica. Su respectivo álbum en directo Tres Noches en Las Ventas supuso la segunda nominación de Alborán al Álbum del Año. En 2017, Alborán lanzó su cuarto álbum de estudio Prometo con éxito comercial y de crítica. De él salieron los singles «Saturno» y «No Vaya a Ser», entre otros. Tres años después, lanzó su quinto disco Vértigo.

A lo largo de su carrera, Alborán ha ganado un Premio Goya a la Mejor Canción Original, nueve LOS40 Music Awards, dos Gaviota de Oro y dos Premios Dial, entre otros. A lo largo de los años, Alborán ha sido nominado a dos Premios Grammy y a veintidós Premios Grammy Latinos[5].

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On February 1, 2011 his first album, Pablo Alborán, was released; becoming a success since its release and topping sales charts for several consecutive weeks.[26][27][27][28][29]

At the end of February 2015, Pablo Alborán began his tour «Tour Terral», which has lasted 9 months, ending in November. This tour has toured more than 20 countries with more than 80 concerts, in which most of them were sold out.

Interpreted at the moment in which a love scene between Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) and Gustavo (José Ron), characters of the telenovela originally broadcasted by the network «El Canal de las Estrellas» of Grupo Televisa[44].

The song was used for the TV spot of said telenovela. It was selected to illustrate the love story between Mariana (Paola Krum) and Andrés (Pablo Echarri) in El elegido (Telefe).[45] It was also used as the theme song for the entrance of the telenovela.

Interpreted at the entrance of the telenovela and at the moment in which a love scene between Ana Lucia (Angelique Boyer) and Santiago/Marcelo (Sebastian Rulli), characters of the telenovela originally broadcasted by the network «Las Estrellas» of Grupo Televisa.