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DISC 1: You can watch the film as it was released in the cinema, respecting the format and duration or you can watch it with INTERACTIVITY. The film warns when a sequence was removed from the final cut and by pressing the enter button on the remote control you have access to ten sequences that could not be seen in the cinema, most of them correspond to the plot of Luismi and Sara that many people have asked us about.

Antonio Hortelano gets out of the car after driving Valle in the opposite direction. If we look at Valle’s arm, it is not Eva Santolaria’s, evidently, it is the arm of the stuntman disguised as her.

Before the premiere of No te fallaré a pretest was made, this was the acceptance curve, over 2 points it gave an average of 1’44. It was done with a sample of close to one hundred people in a study conducted by GECA.

It took a long time to locate a platform that would be spectacular for the pact between the gang and the subsequent jump of Quimi. Finally, this old jetty of an abandoned mine near Bilbao was found. The directing team had to intervene to make it accessible to the actors. It was about 18 meters above sea level.


Valle finds herself more and more involved in the world of drugs and mafias, she tells Isabel that she is thinking of quitting her career and leaving her parents’ house. Isabel advises her not to do so, but… She is about to end up with herself. She begins to lose control over herself, for example, by standing at the top of a discotheque, so that everyone can watch her dance, but… She catches sight of Quimi in the distance, and sits down, sinking into her own sadness.

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Quimi, seeing the abyss into which she is falling, decides to rescue her, she tells him what happened, and he manages to understand that it was not his fault, he tries to comfort her and explain it to her, then, both manage to escape from that terrible world with the help of Luismi, dodging many dangers. In the end, Valle decides to visit Cesar, who smiles at her and writes the word “PLAYA” (in reference to that day) in Scrabble letters. She smiles in response, giving him to understand that there was nothing to forgive, since it was an accident, and at the end of the day, they were friends.

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What few know is that Amantes has cathodic roots, as it was originally conceived as an episode of the black chronicle series La huella del crimen. In fact, it was based on a true story, known as the canal crime, which happened in 1948.

As with Amantes, in Villaronga’s filmography we find a project that was initially conceived as a series: 99.9, la frecuencia del terror. Starring María Barranco, the film freely adapted the story of the faces of Belmez (a subject often dealt with, for example, in Cuarto Milenio).

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The job of a script reader is supposed to be simple: convince the client that the huge pile of scripts on his desk is pure garbage not worth considering. How comfortable it is to move effortlessly over the tsunami of Final Draft excrement flowing my way….

The book The Screenplay for TV Series, which updates this master-class, is considered a must-have reference for professional and novice screenwriters alike. Structured in two parts, the first deals with the historical evolution of the genre, the basics of screenwriting, the construction of characters or the keys to dialog. The second part analyzes genres, shedding light on the writing of comedies, dramedies, detective dramas, miniseries or daily series.

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