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Star of the bajo carrión

The sisters Pilar, Merche and Paula Pedrosa are better known in Palencia as “those of the Villoldo hotel”. And the fact is that this village in Tierra de Campos, which today has just over 300 inhabitants, is known thanks to the Estrella del Bajo Carrión, the hotel that their father, Anselmo, opened in 1975.

We are talking about a full-fledged matriarchy (the three sisters are widows or separated) that employs 50 people and runs, in addition to the hotel and the restaurant in Madrid, DNorte (also in Madrid) and La Barra de Villoldo and Habana Cafetería, in Palencia capital.

As Merche explains, in Villoldo they started practicing local cuisine long before it was on everyone’s lips. Her sister Pilar and, later, her nephew Alfonso Fierro -both pupils of Martín Berasategui-, have dedicated themselves to refining the traditional Palencia recipe book.

“We started to change the style of the cuisine a bit,” explains Merche. “Yes, we used to use lamb, but we started to use shoulder; yes, we used to make stew, but we changed the typical stew of Palencia for one in which each vegetable was cooked to its own point of doneness. We changed all the textures and, above all, we started to work a lot with local products”.

Treze restaurante

657reneey225 opinionesEntrevistado hace 4 semanas Pequeño y encantador restaurante! Nunca adivinarías que hay un restaurante tan encantador cuando miras el exterior, tienes que bajar las escaleras y allí es tan encantador, blanco, velas, acogedor. Nos encantó desde el momento en que entramos. Y la comida era realmente buena. Todos… comimos diferentes platos de pescado y luego postres que fueron todos excepcionales. El servicio también fue bueno y el lugar es muy local, éramos los únicos turistas allí creo. Volvería sin duda.Más > > >Fecha de la visita: Octubre de 2021¿Qué es lo que más te gusta?

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Dejan_M4483 opinionesRevisado el 12 de julio de 2021 vía móvil Ambiente pequeño pero agradableCenamos allí a finales de junio de 2018. Es pequeño, pero te sentirás agradable dentro. Es un restaurante de ambiente de estilo blanco, por lo que se ve bien y limpio. La comida es muy buena y también tienen bastante selección de vinos. Vale la pena probar.Fecha de visita: Agosto 2020¿Ayuda?

asuarezfps98 opinionesRevisado el 18 de diciembre de 2020 a través del móvil Lugar acogedor en el Barrio de SalamancaTipo de cocina navarra, del norte de España. Las verduras estaban muy ricas. Y el steak tartar muy fresco perfectamente preparado según las preferencias del cliente. El lugar es acogedor y el dueño realmente amableFecha de la visita: Diciembre 2020¿Ayuda?

Restaurant villoldo

Desserts are something famous at villoldo, characterized by their originality. We ordered the crispy rice pudding with puffed rice and the thick custard with maria cookie ice cream, both impressive.

One problem with the timing: the menu arrived early but the specials were not served until after we had decided what we wanted. Also the house appetizer (very good) appeared 20 minutes after we were seated. The first dish we ordered took 40 minutes to show up.

It is very hard to arrive at a place where you know what you want to order from the day they posted the menu on the outside and it is not available. You already kind of don’t want to eat anything. I discarded the fish because it didn’t catch my attention and decided between suckling pig and suckling lamb.

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Pedraza tavern

About the space, its room is not very big, but it is very pleasant. Decoration is simple and tastefully done, more or less like what you will find in every dish that Pilar prepares, and in every explanation of her sister Mercedes. Here everything works perfectly, and nothing happens by chance. We will tell you what we ordered.

For dessert, two jewels that do not lower the level at all, on the contrary. Fresh sheep’s cheese ice cream, very creamy, with an infusion of red fruits, and a rice pudding “like in Villoldo”. Impressive.

Good teeth, iron stomach, almost two meters and a wonderful metabolism… an eating machine. Someone has to do it, so I eat and drink like crazy and then tell you about it so you can go for it.