Canciones de los 70 en español para bailar

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Caetano Veloso – You Don’t Know Me (1972)Veloso was not particularly appreciated by the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil since the 1964 coup d’état and after several run-ins with power, he and Gilberto Gil were imprisoned in 1969 and then forced into exile. Thus, Transa was recorded in London during a particularly dark period for him, even if the result did not convey that darkness.

99. Rodriguez – Sugar Man (1970)The story of Sixto Rodriguez is by now well known thanks to a disputed and debatable documentary (life has no beginning, middle and end, folks, welcome to the post-fall-off-a-bucket life world), but undoubtedly effective, intelligent and well thought out. With the Searching for Sugar Man debate over (and with its director dead to defend himself), what remains relevant is the belated discovery of two albums full of fantastic songs like this one.

98. George Harrison – Apple Scruffs (1970)Sinatra used to say that ‘Something’ was the best love song ever written and he finished it off by attributing it to Lennon and McCartney, a perfect example of the (now happily overcome) neglect of an outstanding author. In 1970 things were still complicated and with the henhouse in full war of egos, Harrison launched his third solo album to release wonders of this caliber. Discussing what Let It Be would have been like if some songs from All Things Must Pass had been included is always fun.

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Yes sir, i can boogie

One of the most awaited moments of any wedding is, without a doubt, the moment when the newlyweds take over the dance floor. In those few minutes an endless number of emotions converge, moments that leave anyone speechless, moments that captivate and that, at least in some occasions, steal the most beautiful tears of emotion. There, right in the middle of the runway and with the expectant gazes of all the guests, the newlyweds make the world revolve around them. For your wedding to be exactly the same, this time we share with you the best songs for wedding waltz, the playlist to have a totally magical first dance as spouses! With these 70 wedding songs, the sighs will not be able to be contained.

There are many options that you can take into account for the first dance as spouses; however, this time we propose a mix of sounds, rhythms and love lyrics that will undoubtedly conquer you! In this list of songs for the long-awaited wedding waltz you will find lyrics with wonderful messages for the most romantic moment of your big day:


Smoke on the water

The songs that you can’t miss in your wedding playlist are here. Some of these classic English songs may be more familiar than others, but as soon as you start listening to them, you’ll want to get out of your chair and start practicing for the big day.

Listen to the playlist of retro songs as many times as you like to see if they fit into the repertoire for your wedding, with this selection you will make a splash in your childhood or adolescence, and not only you, but also your friends and family. Also, remember that the classics never go out of style!

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I will always love you (till there was

If you have exhausted all your inspiration thinking about the best ways to surprise your guests on the big day, you have not had time to check your record collection or playlist in search of those songs that will delight family and friends or simply do not even know where to start looking, relax. We propose a list of the best songs to dance to at your wedding party. 70 incredible proposals of varied styles to help you in this task. With it both you and your loved ones will not be able to stop moving. Ready? It’s time to dance!

Rock and roll songs are part, indistinctly, of the fun songs to dance and of the typical songs to dance, and it is practically impossible not to start moving the skeleton when listening to them!

If you were wondering what are the best songs to dance at a wedding, you can not miss this complete playlist. These 70 songs to dance until the end of the night will ensure you a repertoire of the most varied and will fill your dance floor with an absolutely wonderful rhythm. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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