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La casa de papel 5×3

Just as in the real world, the third season of ‘La casa de papel’ shows how the Professor and the others have become icons, adored by one sector, criticized by another. The most sought after, the most loved. And they will take advantage of that convening power to turn the plot of the first one around and, this time, embrace chaos, turn their identity into a claim and stir up the whole society so that the robbery paralyzes the country from minute zero. They even go so far as to use real images of situations in which their image has been used as a symbol of resistance. They themselves seem to have bought into this role, even though the primary objective is to rescue the family member being held captive.

Nor do we get to see much of the “villain” of this new stage, Najwa Nimri’s character, but a couple of scenes are enough for the actress to leave you wanting more. Few can play with ice-cold kindness. Her Alicia looks like she’s going to get a lot of play. And, once again, Álex Pina’s team shows that they are true experts in cliffhangers. It would be very interesting if Netflix would publish the average time spent by people watching the season. The months that have passed since the previous chapters play in their favor: it will be very difficult to stop once you press play.

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La casa de papel 3×6

However, Alba Flores (Nairobi) clarifies: “I don’t think that La casa de papel can be a reference of resistance to power. We can have fun imagining that, it can even inspire us to think about how it could be. But it is not a series committed to changing the system”. In fact, for Corberó the message is simpler: “They are people who are trying to survive in this crazy world we live in”.

They will repeat the formula in the already confirmed fourth season. Darko Peric (Helsinki) does not rule out that the universe of La casa de papel will continue to grow in the Marvel style. “All the characters are very different. We could easily make a spin-off with each one,” he says. For the moment, there will be several new signings: Najwa Nimri as Inspector Sierra, Rodrigo de la Serena as El Ingeniero and Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogotá).

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Because when there are resources, time and talent (and, always, a bit of luck), you get products that are destined to become successes. Judging by the first two episodes of the eight that make up the new installment, La casa de papel has many chances to repeat the worldwide bombshell that were the first two batches of chapters. Then they had fewer resources and time, but the talent was already there, and that little bit of luck that is always needed appeared after its passage through Antena 3, with its jump to Netflix. The very powerful iconography and the good adaptation to the television marathon facilitated by online platforms did the rest.

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As for the additions, in the first two episodes you can already see Palermo in action, played by Argentine Rodrigo de la Serna, a sort of new Berlin in terms of charisma and attitude. Also, the pregnant, badass policewoman played by Najwa Nimri makes an appearance. The two fit very well in the picture painted on a script mounted on five overlapping timelines that force you to be attentive to the screen.

Ver gratis temporada 3 la casa de papel 2021

Although the former happens in the seventh chapter of the fifth season of the Netflix series, it is only a short-lived victory, as the police soon arrive at the Pond of Storms and arrest the Professor, Marsella, Benjamin and Alicia.

When all seems lost, Sergio realizes that something is wrong and that not resisting the intervention was a big mistake. The men who arrested them were not commanded by Tamayo but by Tatiana and Rafael, Berlin’s ex-wife and son.

Tatiana knew every detail of the plan thanks to Berlin and after leaving him for Rafael she only waited for the right moment to keep the loot that cost so much effort and blood to get the protagonists of “La casa de papel”.

The short answer is NO. After five successful seasons, it is necessary to put an end to the drama created by Álex Pina, because if they try to extend the story only for profit they run the risk of ruining everything.

In addition, the creator of “La casa de papel” believes that it is really important to leave through the big door and in style. “It has changed this mechanics that the series ended up languishing. You have to be proud to leave in style. We have to do many other things, many other genres, and especially things we don’t know how to do.

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