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songs from the 80’s in spanish

Did you know that, to the madness of the fans, this Thin Lizzy song is always played at Irish rugby matches? With Phil Lynott’s unmistakable voice, his legendary guitar riff and a fantastic chorus, this is an ideal song to sing with your mates, beer in hand. Buy the album

If you’re of a certain age and have a good memory, it’s hard not to relate John Lennon’s Imagine to the video of El Informal with Florentino Fernández dubbing the song (“No me abras la ventana, a oscuras quiero cantar”). Inspired by a collection of poetry by Yoko Ono, it is a classic as simple as it is devastating, which did not have the success it deserved until after the Beatle’s death.Buy the album.

The piece that gives its name to this revolutionary flamenco album, as pioneering as it was criticized, as when Bob Dylan switched to the electric guitar, is taken from a poem by García Lorca and in it Camarón was surrounded by great figures such as Raimundo Amador and Kiko Veneno. The singer was ahead of his time with a fusion of styles that only with the passage of time could be appreciated in its majesty.Buy the album

you’ll be back (the train that separates us…

Caetano Veloso – You Don’t Know Me (1972)Veloso was not particularly appreciated by the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil since the 1964 coup d’état and after several run-ins with the powers that be, he and Gilberto Gil were imprisoned in 1969 and then forced into exile. Thus, Transa was recorded in London during a particularly dark period for him, even if the result did not convey that darkness.

99. Rodriguez – Sugar Man (1970)The story of Sixto Rodriguez is by now well known thanks to a disputed and debatable documentary (life has no beginning, middle and end, folks, welcome to the post-fall-off-a-bucket life world), but undoubtedly effective, intelligent and well thought out. With the Searching for Sugar Man debate over (and with its director dead to defend himself), what remains relevant is the belated discovery of two albums full of fantastic songs like this one.


98. George Harrison – Apple Scruffs (1970)Sinatra used to say that ‘Something’ was the best love song ever written and he finished it off by attributing it to Lennon and McCartney, a perfect example of the (now happily overcome) neglect of an outstanding author. In 1970 things were still complicated and with the henhouse in full war of egos, Harrison launched his third solo album to release wonders of this caliber. Discussing what Let It Be would have been like if some songs from All Things Must Pass had been included is always fun.

come and get closer

The orchestral sound usually known as disco sound was based on the presence of string sections (violins, violas, cellos…) and brass, which developed linear phrases in unison, behind the instrumental base formed by the electric piano and electric guitar (with syncopated touches clearly taken from funk). Unlike in rock, the lead guitar is unusual.

The result was a kind of wall of sound, brilliant, with the orchestral groups taking the solo roles and with a harmonic background, based on a well-defined chord progression (minor/seventh/minor), with a predominance of major seventh chords.

At the same time the genre, already decadent, assimilated various influences from jazz and George Clinton’s stylized funk, generating new avenues of development (Acid Jazz, Groove) that flooded the discotheques of the USA and UK between 1980 and 1983. Among the first examples of Dance already recognizable, we find D.Train, Kashif or Patrice Rushen.

36:41songs to rememberarthur martinyoutube – 9 may 2020

You can listen to the songs on YOU TUBE by clicking on the respective title. The word VD in this blog indicates that it is a real video of the artist, otherwise it is an audio with images in the background.

48. My friend49. You learned to fly50. Ay amor HD51. Besos Prohibidos52. Like Water for Chocolate HD53. How to Forget HD54. With One Heart HD55. From here to there56. Destiny57. Two Crazy in Love58. It’s Too Late59. It’s Love That Comes HD60. That’s Not Enough61. Evidence HD62. It was me63. The Farewell64. The Keys to My Soul65. The Little I Have Left66. I Know67. Moon HD

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