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The theory of everything

Sold as a romantic genre proposal (on the poster we can read: “His mind changed the world. Her love changed his.”), ‘The Theory of Everything’ focuses on Stephen Hawking’s youth and maturity, paying special attention to his relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde. She is the author of the book on which the film is based, ‘Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen’ (‘Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen’, a reworked version of an earlier biography), adapted for the big screen by screenwriter Anthony McCarten and director James Marsh.

Marsh, a renowned filmmaker best known for ‘Man on Wire’ (2008), puts the spotlight on the couple’s drama, how the disease affects their relationship and how they try to overcome it despite all the obstacles. And it does so commendably, respecting both perspectives, showing the helplessness and frustration of both. We witness Hawking’s physical deterioration but the camera does not recreate, we only see what is necessary to follow the evolution and understand both the tragedy and his extraordinary effort to survive despite everything, to continue with his life as far as possible.

The theory of everythingbook by stephen hawking

This route through Cambridge can be started in much the same way as the film begins in the area known as The Backs. These are gardens that run along the back of the most famous Colleges of Cambridge and parallel to the River Cam. From here, the most spectacular views are those of King’s College Chapel that appear at the beginning of the film.

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From the back of the Colleges, we continue our walk across the river over the Garret Hostel Bridge, which will give us good views of Clare Bridge, the oldest bridge in Cambridge, which also appears in the early scenes of The Theory of Everything.

Crossing the river at this crossing will take us directly through the narrow streets of the center that run between Trinity Hall College, Clare College and King’s College and contain within its brick walls and chimneys a piece of the true spirit of Cambridge. Trinity Lane and its row of chimneys is one of the most representative streets of the city. Also accessible in this area is the side alley through which one enters King’s College Chapel. All these streets appear in the bicycle race that can be seen in the first minutes of the film.


The theory of everything cast

Bringing Stephen Hawking’s life to the big screen has been one of the most risky bets of this century, but it could not have been done in a better way. For me, this feature film is truly deserving of the Oscar for Best Picture, being a contemporary work of art that will be appreciated in a greater way with the passing of time….. See more

At first we were not very attracted to it, fearing overblown hype combined with a certain pitiful morbidness about his illness, but none of this was the case. Redamayne’s superb performance is joined by a sober and firm script, with no concessions to gratuitous deification and no macabre details in his personal misfortune. Even some of the myth fell away for me….. See more

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Eddie Redmayne achieves the performance of his career or at least the one that moved me the most. He achieves a metamorphosis rather than an imitation, he transforms himself into Stephen Hawking and that manages to raise the level of the film quite high because as a script it fails to be as interesting as the trailer sells. The romance is nice and Felicity Jones surprises as the… See more

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From the book of memoirs of Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones, the best of the film) James Marsh narrates in The Theory of Everything the relationship between Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne, also magnificent but his role gave for shameless show-off) and his wife since they meet in the early sixties until their separation. A long journey that is marked by a relationship that is transforming, especially in the position of Jane in front of her husband and her role within the marriage at the same time that Stephen’s fame is increasingly elongated and applauded.The point of view of the film, in theory, is marked by the eyes of Jane, after all it is her memoirs that are adapted. This explains why certain aspects of Stephen’s life, especially on the professional level, are somewhat (or completely) blurred: what matters to those responsible for The Theory of Everything is that the film’s tra…

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