6 Ways to Motivate Yourself for a Better Career


Imagine When You Reach Your Target

When you reach a predetermined target, there is always a sense of happiness approach. Especially when those goals are tough to achieve.

So, it doesn’t hurt for you to imagine or visualise what it might be like someday, the goals you’ve set are reached.

This visualisation will make you happy or happy. Well, just imagining it can make you happy, what happens when you reach those goals?

Write down all of your ambitions in full at the Achievement

If you have a dream, set a date or time for achievement. Why not? Because if you don’t set that milestone, it’s almost sure that you don’t have the willpower to make it happen.

From now on, try to write down all the goals and objectives you want to achieve, along with your target time. Then place it in a place you or others can easily see.


Just like a short excerpt from a book below.

“Your dreams, your ambitions, your beliefs, what you want to pursue, let it hang, floating 5 centimetres in front of your eyebrows. So he’ll never get out of your eyes. ”(Book 5 Cm, ​​Donny Dhirgantoro)

Know That Only You Can Realize Your Dream

Every human being has advantages and disadvantages. Some people are very good at certain things, but weak in others. Vice versa. The point is, everyone’s abilities are not the same.

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So if you have found what your goals and dreams are, be assured that only you can realise that dream.

This is one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself. Why not? Because of your ability to achieve those dreams, they may not be or are not owned by anyone else.

Create Realistic Targets

If Cristiano Ronaldo targets more than 30 goals each season, most people will believe that the Real Madrid player will do well. This is because everyone knows the quality of a Ronaldo.

This is Ronaldo’s attitude that can be said to be the right attitude for optimism.

However, what if there was a football player who used to sit on the bench and set the same goal as Cristiano Ronaldo? This is called unrealistic.

Yes, yes. There’s nothing wrong with optimism. However, do not let excessive optimism blind you to the limits of your ability.

Therefore, we recommend improving your quality by doing small things that are consistent and within your reach.

When it comes to the career goals you want to achieve, it doesn’t hurt to create a career plan and how to make it. Provide that within the limits of your ability.

Share Your Purpose With People Around You

Motivating yourself can also be done by creating a (desperate) desperation. Why not? Because the condition is so trapped, you will not want to try to get out of it.

One of the most immediate conditions you can create is to share the goals you have set for the people around you. Please say with some confidence that the goal would be achieved soon.

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And if that goal is not achieved, you are ready to punish yourself. As a result, you will become more motivated to pursue your goals.

Refresh Your Thoughts

Everyone will experience a saturation point. This is usually due to the day-to-day routine of the work.

Once you’ve reached a certain saturation point, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll lose the motivation to work because you get bored with what you do.

To refresh your mind for a moment. One is to relax for a moment and breathe some fresh air in the garden. That way, your account will be clear again, and you’re ready to work as usual.


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