5 Things that motivate you before starting a business


When you first want to start a business-specific business, we’re sure you’ll have trouble finding your business idea. If they wish to offer service, sell food and drinks or other goods.

We believe you have the answer based on the demand and trending factors of the product. At the same time, one of the things that Ainon’s business mentor often mentioned was starting a business with low capital.

How low is the capital mentioned? Based on his recommendation, the little money meant that the business needed less than RM2,000 to start.

The amounts mentioned may be subjective. For students, the cost specified may be quite high, but for those who can afford the price, it may be the opposite.

Why is low capital better suited to you? This is to avoid huge losses if your business does not.


Fortunately now, with the online business involving dropship, you have the opportunity to reduce the risk of becoming a dropshipper of something before gaining the confidence to start your own business.

Is it wrong to start a business with significant capital? It doesn’t matter if you’re already experienced and very confident in your industry.

Also, make sure you choose a business that already has a bit of a downside to the company that you don’t know the basics about. For example, if you follow the trend of veil fashion and have used Instagram, you can start your dropship business on Instagram. Isn’t it easy?


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