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Keeping this motivation up and running is not always top of mind. Not for me anyway, and I guess I’m not alone in feeling that motivation can push a little sometimes. One problem that many have that is new in the gym is that they are very motivated at first and also go full-heartedly to the gym. But many quit almost as quickly again. In this post, I thought about giving some tips on how to keep motivated and not give up exercise and a healthy diet.

I want you to start by asking yourself, “- Is this what I want?”

Is this what you want? Decide and start all at once. To start a new healthy lifestyle, you have to break the old pattern. Therefore, that decision involves your entire personality, and you will have to change large parts of your everyday life, depending on your starting point. You have to decide and not just make one or a few attempts and then give up. Changing your life and lifestyle is not easy, but it is worth it. Find the willpower and say hello to your new healthy self.

Important to remember: Being healthy does not mean exercising twice a day and never eating any sweets. Being fit has a different meaning for everyone. But in my opinion, it is essential to know that it is okay to treat yourself sometimes, that the trend is for me to feel good. The day it becomes anxiety to work out or anxiety to treat yourself to a piece of chocolate, it is no longer healthy. The psyche should feel good too! Now comes the tips …

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The first thing you have to do is find the willpower. You will realise very quickly that willpower is an essential part of everything if you want to achieve your goals. Your body has all the capacity to reach the goals, but it can’t unless your brain tells the body what to do.


Do not set unreasonable goals. Amazingly, you have decided to quit smoking, that you should eat healthier and start exercising three days a week. But not all at once. It can easily be too much, and it all usually ends with giving up the whole project.

Find a training buddy. It is motivating to train with another person. Having someone to teach with makes it harder to pull away with a lousy excuse for not exercising. So, you and your buddy have decided that you should go out and run, you can’t skip training even though you would rather have stayed home and watched a movie with your legs and jerry. Also, it is always nice to have some company and someone who is there and pushes you a little extra!

Decide on specific training days. Decide three days a week as training days. It is perfectly reasonable, and you get a free day between each training session. It is essential that you choose the appropriate times and then plan your everyday life with these times as a starting point.

Do not allow exercise to be excessive. If the training is too hard, there is a high risk that you will lose motivation. Listen to your body.

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Work slowly towards the top. It takes a long time to change their lifestyle, and the process takes their time. But remember, a little progress is also a step forward.

Last but not least. Remember that if you need to change your everyday life, do it for the right reasons. There should be no anxiety behind a lifestyle change, but put your exercise and diet on a level that you feel you can handle and feel good about. Life should be fun to live, and hopefully, you will feel that exercise adds energy and happiness in your everyday life.


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